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Meet The Pastor


Meet the Pastor…

Meet pastor Duane D. George
He was ordained in 1997 and has served as a missionary in Africa, both Ghana and Uganda for more than 10 years.
Pastor Duane is married to Marsi for 9 years and has a 7 year old daughter Mardeanne. He teaches in Bible College at MBC&S, his alma mater where he graduated from in 1988 with an Associates in Missiology and in 2001 with a Bachelor's in Biblical Theology.
While serving as a Financial Missions Director at GGWO, pastor Duane travelled fir the ministry into over 60 countries throughout the world.
While pastor Duane has been involved in missions, teen ministry, radio and prison ministry over the years, his latest joy has been pastoring the Union Church of Herald Harbor for the past year and a half.